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This is the Vertical Slice build of Spectral. This version of the game is built for an Xbox 360 controller.

Spectral is a Stealth-Puzzle game. In this vertical slice, your goal is to collect items throughout the level to earn money while avoiding being spotted by patrolling Guards. In Spectral, you avoid Guards by collecting colors from surfaces and hiding by matching the color of wall surfaces.


Avoid being spotted by the patrolling Guards. Entering a Guards cone of vision will trigger an immediate game over.

Hold A to hide when standing near a colored surface. Hiding against a surface is used to avoid Guards. If you are the same color as the surface you are hiding against, you are invisible to the Guards, otherwise they will be able to see you.

Press A when standing near an item to pick it up. Pick up cubes to increase your credit total.

Acquiring new colors from surfaces will add new colors to your inventory, meaning you have more colors to choose from. Acquire a color by pressing X when near a colored wall.

Hold X when walking to run. Running creates noise which draws the attention of guards.

When you are finished, return to the entrance elevator to end the level.


Spectral Vertical Slice - Xbox Controller.unity3d 11 MB