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The goal of the game is to collect as much money as possible without being seen by the guards, all within a limited amount of time. Money pickups are the floating cubes scattered throughout the level. The player can pick them up using the interact button when they are close enough. Picking up money items will add more money to the players current total.

The player can also pick up noisemaker items throughout the level. WHen the player uses a noisemaker, all of the guards in the level will hear it and will coming running to investigate the source of the sound.

When you feel like you have collected enough or you are running short of time, you can choose to end the level by returning to the spot where you started the level. Once you are there, an interact icon will appear above the player. pressing the interact button here will end the level. Alternatively, the level will end when the player runs out of time.


The main hazard present in the game are guards. Three guards patrol the level, looking for any intruders.

Guards have 3 states:

Patrolling - the default state where guards endlessly patrol their given route.

Suspicious - the guard heard a suspicious noise and it going to investigate it.

Alerted - the guard spotted the player and triggered an alert. Game over!

A Guard's vision is indicated by the cone in front of them. When the player enters the guards cone of vision, they are immediately detected and the game ends. If the player is blending into a surface and their colour correctly matches that of the surface, then guards will be unable to see the player, even when they are inside the conve of vision, as long as they are blending. If the colours do not match, then the guards can see the player.

Guards are able to hear the player if they run while close to the guards. If a guard hears the player running, they will move to the position they last heard the player. Guards cannot hear the player if they are stationary or walking.


Controls used in gameplay are as follows:

For an Xbox Gamepad Controller:

Left Stick - Movement

Y - Toggle isometric map View

A - Blend with coloured surface / pick up item / interactions

X - Replace selected colour in palette when next to surface.

RB - Navigate right in colour palette.

LB - Navigate left in colour palette.

B -Throw a noisemaker.

For the Keyboard:

W - Move Up

A - Move Left

S - Move Down

D - Move Right

E - Toggle isometric map View

Spacebar -Blend with coloured surface / pick up item / interactions

Q - Replace selected colour in palette when next to surface.

[ - Navigate right in colour palette.

] - Navigate left in colour palette.

N -Throw a noisemaker.