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Dungeon Defence is a side-scrolling Real-Time Strategy. It is a tug-of-war RTS game, where you spawn units which follow a set path to the enemy base, while an AI controlled enemy player is doing likewise.

There are four different types of units to spawn, a scout, a Spear-man, a Mage and a heavy. Each unit type is effective against another, for instance, heavy units have a lot of health and can take out most other units one-on-one, although creating several scouts at once can effectively counter it. Mages are able to take out enemies from a distance but have very low health themselves.

The game developed using Unity, It was developed as part of the Thesis for my BSc in Computing in the Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown.

----------------HOW TO PLAY------------

Spawn units to attack the enemy. Units will follow a set path to the enemy base. When you manage to reduce the enemy base's hit points to zero, you win. Spawning units requires gold, which is automatically accumulated over time, with some units being more expensive to spawn than others.

The enemy player will be spawning units in an attempt to counter yours, so you should do likewise. Experiment to see what units are effective against other types, then attempt to counter the units spawned by the enemy player.


To move the camera left and right, use the arrow keys or 'A' and 'D'.Spawn units by clicking on the icons located in the top center of the screen.


This was recently adapted from a Unity 3 project, so there are some bugs present due to the update. There is a problem when attempting to close the 'How to Play' tab in the Title Screen and the 'Escape' key no longer exits the game.

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